Technical Tapes

Rigid & Elastic Textile Webbings


TEKSTEC offers a wide range of standard tapes:

PES-Polyester webbings, PP-Polypropylene, PA-Nylon, Cotton, Edge binding tapes, Tubular / Hollow, Elastic tapes Jacquard webbings, Transfer printed tapes.

All webbings are certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard.


Many European army contractors rely on TEKSTEC for the supply of elastic tapes and rigid webbings. They offer solutions for tactical belts, rucksacks, combat uniforms, helmets, etc.

Camouflage (transfer printed and rotative printed), IR treatment (infrared), Flame retardant (finished tapes, polyester flame retardant or flame retardant modacrylic fibres), Fire-proof (NOMEX®), Anti-static, Anti-slip, Water repellent, Anti-bacterial, High tenacity


TEKSTEC offers sturdy elastic tapes and webbings, which are exclusively developed for workwear applications.


TEKSTEC manufactures rigid and elastic webbings for use in orthopaedic articles.

Antibacterial, Flame retardant, Soft on the skin, High tenacity, Loop tapes for mating with Velcro hook-side, Sturdy cotton or polycotton tapes for immobilizing of patients.

Other webbings that are common in this sector, are highly resistant and durable webbings for harnesses and stretchers used for lifting sick or injured people.

Drum Cover

We manufacture tapes from any high performance fibre available in the market today for the specifications from our customers.

Para-aramid (KEVLAR®), Meta-aramid (NOMEX®), High modulus polyethylene (Dyneema®), Flame retardant modacrylic fibres (KANEKARON®), Fibreglass, Carbon-fibre, Polyamide 6.0 or 6.6, High tenacity polyester, Flame retardant polyester, Super-absorbent polymer fibres

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