Films & Foils

Technical Films & Foils for industrial applications

High quality technical film solutions for a very wide range of applications.

Technical Films

Our engineer team is capable to modify the material specifications such as:

– Optical properties: brilliance, clarity, opaqueness, colored.
– Mechanical properties: heat-sealed intervals, permeability, rigidity, shock resistance, tear resistance, traction properties.
– Other properties: anti-static, oxygen transmission, slipping, water/steam transmission.
– Treatments: anti-static protection, corona treatment, slip (viscosity), UV protection, anti-corrosion film (VCI)

Laminated Films & Foils

Tekstec manufactures various types of multilayer films using solvent & solventless lamination technology by layering the individual films (two layers – duplex, three layers – triplex). We combine various materials such as PE, BOPP, CPP, PET, AL, and paper according to customer needs. This leads to maximum utilisation of the properties of the individual layers and therefore each layer fulfills its function in the final material.

PE Cast Sheet Products

Protective plastic sheet which is basicly consist of two layers. First layer is UV resistant white or blue PE film which is laminated to second layer UV resistant black carrier sheet. White side can be decorated with flexographic print up to 8 colours upon customer request. Protective plastic sheet is essential where you need extra protection against the external impacts. It is mostly used to protect the cable wire drums against the forklifts touches and damage of UV light in case of exterior storage. Material is %100 PE and %100 recyclable.

Agricultural Films

We use additives and colorants to enhance the durability of plastics and improve crop productivity and quality, while meeting increasingly stringent requirements with regard to the environmental impact of agriculture, water consumption and cost of materials.

Tekstec has a very wide range of solutions for such applications including greenhouse, mulch and silage stretch films, silage sheets and more. For further requirements please contact us.

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